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The Beat: NJAEP’s Newsletter – April 2017

The Voice of Arts Education in NJ: Keeping you up to date in our field

The Beat: NJAEP’s Newsletter – March 2017

March On Through March and Beyond

March is Arts Education in Our Schools Month and in this issue of The Beat we are celebrating that in a big way.

The history of this event appears to date back to the 60’s when the Arts and Creative Materials Institute created an event to emphasize the value of children participating in the visual arts. This was followed by Music in our Schools month in the 70’s followed by dance and theatre creating a month long celebration of the arts.

In this issue, see what is happening across the state. From Cape May to Warren County, schools and communities are hosting events and programs to highlight the arts in our schools. We are so excited to hear from Acting Commissioner of Education Kimberley Harrington as she reflects on the huge influence the arts had on her as a student and how that shaped her teaching and her family. Very powerful and touching.

And don’t forget to check out ArtsEdNow.org throughout the month where you can see the excitement build as we post a daily record of ways people are recognizing March.

Keep it going every day this month and every day this year. Arts Ed Now!

The Beat: NJAEP’s Newsletter – February 2017

February is the month of love at the New Jersey Arts Education Partnership. And this issue of The Beat focuses on teachers we love. Those are the teachers who bring learning to life and make us want to explore and grow. Those are the teachers we never forget.

I remember my third grade teacher, Miss Crown. She created a yearlong immersion program with a third grade class in New Zealand. We exchanged letters, artwork, tape recordings of songs and poems. We learned about the life of the students so very far away and they learned about our lives in New Jersey. Miss Crown taught us about the country and its history, culture and geography. We all became friends and the world seemed to be a much smaller place. I ran to school each day to see if there was a letter or package from our close friends a world away.

Miss Crown was a wonderful teacher and while I have not been to New Zealand, I know someday I will travel to that beautiful country. How could I not, I still feel a connection all these years later.

And because it is the month of Valentine’s Day, my story ends with Miss Crown announcing that at the end of the school year she would leave us to move to Wellington to marry the teacher of our New Zealand classmates.

The Beat: NJAEP’s Newsletter – Happy Holidays. December 2016


H is for Hope. As we embark on the new year we are hopeful that 2017 will exceed expectations.
A is for the Arts Ed Now campaign
P is for the Pride we feel in the great work that Art Pride does throughout the year.
P is for the Professional Arts Associations who represent thousands of teachers in the various arts disciplines.
Y is for the young people in this state who inspire us everyday and remind us why we are doing this work.

H is for halcyon (just a nice word).
O is for the opportunity to start a new pilot program for 10 schools to use the arts to advance the goals of Title 1.
L is for the launch of ArtsEdNow and with the help of so many the first week reached over 5 million people.
I is for information. The data that we collect through the Census and other surveys, makes our work stronger.
D is for Donors – without the Dodge Foundation, the NJ State Council on the Arts and Americans for the Arts, the work of the NJAEP would not exist.
A is for the Arts. Enough said.
Y is for you, who every day work to create positive change in this State.
S is for the support we give to each other to reach the goal of bringing the arts to all of our students.

The Beat: NJAEP’s Newsletter – November 2016

November is the month of Thanksgiving, so it is fitting that this issue of The Beat is all about giving thanks.
Included are stories about teachers who inspired and influenced, parents who instilled a love of the arts. Ann Marie Miller’s blog post captures the influence of a special teacher and a parent. In all, we are highlighting mentors who share, teach and open windows to new experiences and learning. It is so important to reflect on those influences and appreciate the lessons learned.
I am thankful for my father who took me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the first time and started me on my journey.
I am also thankful for the amazing NJ arts community that cares about the importance of the arts in the education of our children and continues to make this state a model of working collaboratively and creating programs that are seen as exemplars for the rest of the country.

The Beat: NJAEP’s Newsletter – October 2016

There is a lot to read in this issue of The Beat. Meet the new Teacher of the Year, Argine Safari, learn about the Postcard Project, absorb the details of the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll and be inspired by local heroes – plus so much more. Get inspired, get active. Happy reading.

The Beat: NJAEP’s Newsletter- September 2016

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 – the launch is here! The campaign that we have been working on for 18 months is launching on September 12th. Much work has gone into the planning and creation of the campaign. The history is a long one – with the inspiration coming from the 1992 – Arts For Everykid handbook. With the wisdom of that document and the need to create a new plan to raise awareness about the role the arts play in the education of all of our students, the NJAEP and partners set out to create a new campaign. A new approach.

The Beat: NJAEP’s Newsletter- August 2016

The Beat: NJAEP’s Newsletter- July 2016

Summertime and the living is easy… Well it may be a bit easier but it is my experience in the nonprofit arts education world – not too much slows down over the summer.

The Beat: NJAEP’s Newsletter – June 2016

The Governor’s Awards in Arts Education and the Statewide Teen Arts Festival – all in the course of two weeks. Busy but extremely exciting. Aside from all of the happy faces at the Governor’s Awards from the awardees, their families, teachers and mentors the performances were extraordinary. To name two: Kimberly Lee from Summit High School performed a timely monologue about Hiroshima entitled Radiance of a Thousand Suns by Dwight Okita and five dancers: Amanda Edore, Julia Foti, Joy Guiffre, Lianna Shimoun and Candace Eason presented a piece they all rehearsed separately and performed together for the first time at the ceremony.

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The Beat: NJAEP’s Newsletter – April 2017

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