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Show Your Support for Student Participation in Arts Education!

Show Your Support for Student Participation in Arts Education!

Each year Arts Ed NJ strives to make quality arts education a focal point in our state. Our programs and services lead to lasting impact for students in each of New Jersey’s 21 counties. After a full decade of promoting arts education for all students in New Jersey, we now have the evidence that our strategies and hard work have paid off and we couldn’t have done it without people like you!

We have an opportunity to do even more, and

you can help by supporting Arts Ed NJ this season.

In 2017 we were humbled to receive the largest arts education grant ever awarded in New Jersey from the National Endowment of the Arts.  This grant will enable Arts Ed NJ to further increase the collective impact of our statewide efforts in New Jersey. As we continue to influence conditions that will increase opportunities for student engagement in arts education, we need you.

Your donation to Arts Ed NJ will help us reach our

$25,000 matching goal this year.

With your generosity and support, Arts Ed NJ can:

  • Ensure that New Jersey becomes the first state in the nation to provide universal access to arts education for ALL students. We can reach this milestone in 2018!


  • Ensure that the 80,000 students who should be receiving arts instruction (but do not) are provided the instruction they are entitled to receive while increasing overall participation statewide.


  • Increase the number of schools that are providing dance and theater programs while strengthening music and visual art programs.

Together we can make ARTS ED NOW a reality for
Every Child in Every School across our state.

Press Release for the 2017 New Jersey Arts Education Census Report

Arts Ed NJ Census Release FINAL 2

A Message from the Project Director

A Message from the Project Director

This third installment of the New Jersey Arts Education Census Project is a clear milestone for arts education in our state. New Jersey is now reaching the point of “universal access” to arts education for all students, with 99% of schools providing and 99.4% of students attending schools with arts education during the 2015/2016 school year. Only 26 schools (with 9,160 students) reporting no arts instruction stand between us and this important goal. Once achieved, New Jersey will be the first state in the nation to be able to make this claim.

As we move beyond the issue of access, participation and quality emerge as the new areas of focus. When it comes to participation, this report highlights the significant gains that have been made. More than 76% of all students in New Jersey now participate in arts education every year. In the past decade we have seen a 12% increase in student participation. This means an additional 100,000 students annually participate in arts education bringing the yearly total to nearly 1 million students. Something to truly celebrate.

However, our work remains unfinished. In spite of our gains in participation over the past decade we still have more than 40,000 elementary students and another 40,000 middle schools students who should be participating in the arts (based on state policies) that are not. There are another 40,000 or so high school students who could also be participating that are not.

In addition to participation rates and arts spending, student-to-arts-teacher ratios tend to be more favorable in schools serving more affluent populations. This was something we did not find a decade ago. No child should be denied the significant documented benefits provided through active participation in arts education. This is an equity issue of great importance.

So now our focus turns to increasing participation to 100% at both elementary and middle school level and 60% at the high school level. By reaching these goals another 120,000 students will gain the benefits and education in the arts provides and we will reach a statewide participation rate of 85%. To improve quality we must address the documented inequities that are present in our less affluent schools.

In a world where imagination, creativity and innovation are sculpting our future, ensuring we provide the inspiration for these skills for all students must be our goal.

That is why we must insist on ARTS ED NOW, for Every Child in Every School.

Robert B. Morrison

Title I Arts-Integration Pilot Program

17-AY07-H02 (1)

Arts Ed Now: A Call To Action

ARTS ED NOW: A Call to Action

By Kira Campo, Program Development Manager and Kristin Wenger, Director, NJ Arts Education Partnership

New Jersey’s Arts Ed Now campaign officially launched on September 12, 2016 during national Arts in Education Week. Presented by the New Jersey Arts Education Partnership (NJAEP)NJ State Council on the Arts, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, and Americans for the ArtsArts Ed Now is a multi-year campaign designed to increase participation in arts education in schools across New Jersey. Much like New Jersey’s previous statewide arts advocacy campaign, ARTS FOR EVERYKID, which was launched in the early 1990’s, Arts Ed Now is designed to furnish individuals with tools to advocate more effectively. The campaign message, active creative learning is good for all students and good for New Jersey, is meant to underscore the importance of arts education to our lives, and, in particular, the lives of New Jersey’s youth.
Studies show that students who participate in arts education do better in school and in life. The longer students are engaged in arts education, the better the outcomes are overall. To heighten the outcomes in New Jersey, Arts Ed Now is focused on increasing participation in every school in the state. Unfortunately, not all NJ students have the same access to arts education to be able to participate at high levels – or increase existing participation. Despite state education standards, many schools lag behind in offering all four disciplines of dance, music, theater and visual arts.

To achieve better results, the campaign set the following goals by year 2020:

  • All NJ students will have access to arts education
  • Increase the number of schools providing more than two art forms
  • Increase arts participation in elementary and middle schools to 100%
  • Increase participation in high schools to 60%
  • Increase school engagement with community resources
  • Develop a statewide network of local stakeholders

Ambassadors are encouraged to learn more and download campaign materials on the website ArtsEdNow.org. Arts education advocates are also encouraged to contribute to the Arts Ed Now Facebook Group. Printed materials are also available for anyone who wants to launch Arts Ed Now in their school, organization, or community. Campaign stickers, posters and fact sheets can be requested by emailing info@socialimpactstudios.com

The website is designed as an activation hub for everyone involved in promoting the campaign. Visitors to the site can see how their school stacks up in providing arts education and get active right away in the campaign. Practical tools on the site can help ambassadors raise awareness, change policy or create their own local campaign to make change. Colorful infographics and memes can be easily downloaded and shared. In addition, the website also features a collection of stories and ambassador profiles, with examples that highlight actions taken by Local Heroes to promote the campaign. This collection, while already inspiring, will grow as the campaign grows, to reflect the many ways in which teachers, parents, students, administrators, and other community leaders show support for Arts Ed Now.

“So many arts advocates across the state are already doing great work to increase participation in the arts,” said Bob Morrison, Director NJAEP. “We want to highlight those efforts and build on them to reach new potential advocates, who will be able to become strong local ambassadors with the help of Arts Ed Now.”

Social media channels served a key role in the campaign launch, and will remain a vital part of the campaign strategy. By the end of campaign launch week, the total social media reach for campaign activity was more than 4 million unique viewers with over 14 million timeline deliveries. Since launch week the hashtag #ARTSEDNOW continues to be shared daily, and ambassadors are encouraged to participate through social media by sharing in new themes monthly. Check out the latest right here: http://artsednow.org/arts-ed-now/

The launch of Arts Ed Now was truly a statewide effort, with ambassadors throughout New Jersey taking part in the celebration. With support from individuals and organizations, who embraced and promoted the campaign goals as their own, the impact of the launch was significant in both breadth and depth. Additional partners of the campaign include: Art Educators of New JerseyArtPride NJDance NJNJ Department of EducationNJ Music Educators AssociationNJ Principals & Supervisors Association/Foundation for Educational AdministrationSpeech & Theatre Assoc. of NJ, and creative partner Social Impact Studios. Additional partners include the Education Law CenterNew Jersey Education AssociationNew Jersey School Boards Association and the New Jersey PTA.  NJTV is a campaign media partner.

The considerable support Arts Ed Now has received to date is timely. A poll conducted by the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling at Rutgers University in September revealed that 95% of New Jersey residents believe that arts education is important for K-12 students. However, only 30% of residents have taken an action to support arts education in the schools. This disconnect speaks to the need for a statewide campaign that can assist all citizens in New Jersey to advocate more frequently and more effectively.

More info can be found here: http://artsednow.org/new-eagleton-poll-shows-statewide-support-arts-education/#more-6192

Here are some specific action steps you can take:  

  • Communicate with parents about the campaign and its goals. Explain how your school or district is participating and invite them to explore the website. www.ArtsEdNow.org.
  • Participate in the “Yesterday an arts student…” and invite students to participate in the “Today an arts student…” collection on social media.
    Tip: Download the sign. Take and share photos. Follow along with the hashtag #ArtsEdNow.
  • Add Arts Ed Now to your own social media to connect it with your work. Make sure to include the hashtag #ArtsEdNow.
  • Hold a flash mob/pep rally at your school to engage students in the campaign. This could be virtual if you have an active online presence. Timed “Tweet-a-thons” are a great way to engage people who use Twitter.
  • Include ArtsEdNow factoids and infographics in concert programs.
  • Engage Tri-M Honors Society members to create localized ArtsEdNow activities and/or incorporate ArtsEdNow into existing activities and events.
  • Host a “pizza night” to engage parents and students in the campaign. Workshop how people can use www.ArtsEdNow.org to become an active advocate.
  • Make local versions of the Arts Ed Now logo and include in your own materials.
  • Put an “ad” on your website and in materials to promote Arts Ed Now. Encourage people to explore resources and tools on the website ArtsEdNow.org
  • Get printed stickers, posters and fact sheets mailed directly to you.
    Request materials at info@socialimpactstudios.com
  • Join the Arts Ed Now Facebook Group to contribute your ideas and connect with other ambassadors.

Active creative learning is good for all students and good for New Jersey. LET’S DO MORE.



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