Manuel Mejia

Posted On April 15, 2017

My name is Manuel Mejia and I am from Newark, New Jersey and the class of 2017 at Arts High School majoring in Fine Arts.

I’ve been told that I am a Renaissance man, but I believe that I’m just curious about the world and everything in it. To me, I don’t find it natural to only like one thing and just do that one thing. For me life is full of different opportunities and I want to take advantage of all of it while I still can.

From Art, Chess, Writing, Science, Theater, Music, sports, debate, traveling, and business, I find myself doing just about everything and finding it the up-most interesting. I am not perfect but that is the beauty of it, because it’s those flaws that builds character and characters are the ones who are something in the world. In the future, although I am not entirely sure what I’ll do, what I want to be is happy. I try my best to be.