Matthew Perez

Posted On April 15, 2017

My name is Matthew Perez and I am a senior at Ridge High School. At the most recent New Jersey state tournament I won both humorous interpretation and original oratory. Interestingly enough, the events I participated in are seemingly on opposite spectrums personality wise. However, I dedicate this range in my abilities to my fondness for English throughout my high school years. Any chance I have gotten to read from a play, or do essentially anything creative, I did not hesitate to seize the opportunity. On top of this interest, when it comes to persuasive essays, I frankly can be pretty persuasive. The ability to change another person’s perspective on any given topic has fascinated me through my school years, and that is something I have been able to expand on. Outside of school, my interests are rather…interesting. Comedy is always something I have wanted to pursue, and since I was young the ability to do voice impressions has always come easily to me. I have been able to utilize this ability in humorous interpretation. My life goal has always, as previously stated, to be a comedian. And with the impressions that I do I aspire to be on Saturday Night Live.