Steven Williams

Posted On April 15, 2017

Steven Williams is a 16-year-old junior attending Williamstown High school in Williamstown, New Jersey. He is also enrolled in the Allied Health Science Academy.

Steven is a third year participant in ACT-SO. Steven has competed in poetry performance, poetry written his first year, poetry written, spoken and performance and photography in his second year. He will be competing in original essay, poetry performance and photography this upcoming ACT-SO season.

Steven has committed many hours of his time to various seasonal blood drives hosted by the Allied Health Club at his school. He has also done work with different humanitarian organizations such as the United Block Captains Association located in West Philadelphia. He has helped to work with the organization in the construction of urban gardens, and to ensure the cleanliness of vacant lots. Steven is an active member in his church youth group. He has also received 2 varsity letters for swimming in his High school career and will receive another this winter. While on Williamstown’s swim team Steven achieved a school record in the 200 free relay this past winter. Steven continues to strive for medals this upcoming ACT-SO season, working towards another medal in photography, as he received a Silver medal in photography last ACT-SO season.

Steven will complete his senior year at Williamstown High school as a senior in the fall of 2017.